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Xpert Data Works (XDW) is a boutique consulting firm specializing in consulting and services in Master Data Management (MDM), Data Governance, and AI.

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Our services elevate your business and all the teams helping it run successfully. Everyone reaps the benefits from Sales and Ecommerce Management to Marketing and customers.

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Step Workflows are a Product 360 feature used to automate business processes. Informatica includes a "Step Workflow" project as a best practice, allowing you to automate PIM business processes more easily and quickly.
This post discusses the implementation of GDSN at a leading American supermarket chain, including the challenge, solution, implementation notes, and business results.
How does a manufacturer communicate product information down the Supply Chain? How does a retailer aggregate product information from multiple manufacturers, distributors, and suppliers? These are some of the questions answered by GDSN Product Syndication.

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