On-Going Support/Managed Services

XDW understands that technology and corresponding skills can be a niche product. Our Xperts are always available for your day-to-day maintenance and support. This frees the customer to focus on their core business.

Ad Hoc

When needs are extremely specific – such as a version upgrade, customization, or integrating with another system, XDW helps in that area from architecture and design to implementation.


XDW tracks all the requirements, solution design, and configuration details to help your data stewards easily understand and navigate through the solution. If a previous implementation wasn’t documented, XDW can dive into your system and reverse engineer it.

Portal Configuration

XDW provides effective and engaging UI/UX experiences, including data stewardship, Supplier/Vendor, and Customer portals. XDW helps retailers, manufacturers, and distributors to connect their supply chain and go-to-market strategies while also improving End-to-end visibility.


XDW handles all facets when integrating master data technology with the existing ecosystem, including ERP systems, e-commerce platforms, POS, etc. This includes but is not limited to system analysis, data mapping, and setup of imports, exports, and hot folders.

Version Upgrades & Enhancements

Technology is consistently improving and releasing upgrades. Whenever there is a new release or EBFs (Emergency Bug Fixes), XDW manages those updates smoothly and efficiently. We can also plan and implement enhancements to existing solutions.

Domain Customization

In cases where the technology is missing a feature or needed functionality, XDW will build customizations to make it fit the exact requirements.

Data Migration

We’ll manage the end-to-end migration of your product and customer data from your legacy system to your chosen Master Data Governance platform. This includes analysis, data mapping, and importing.

Solution Design & Implementation

We work with you to assess which technology platform fits you and your business before we start on solution design and implementation.